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Welcome to the Hirschmann Application Lab

About Hirschmann
Being the leader in Industrial Ethernet Technology Hirschmann provides a broad range of networking solutions. With continuous focus on securely transmitting sensitive data Hirschmann’s main product characteristics are formed by demands of high availability, performance and reliability. The product spectrum covers all commonly required solutions, such as switching, routing, wireless technology, security, failover and redundancy, all based on the latest networking and industry standards. Starting with unmanaged switches and compact rail switches also wireless access points, waterproof and ruggedized switches, backbone routers and a network monitoring system count to the product portfolio. For the past 20 years it has been Hirschmann’s challenge to develop lasting communication systems even in extreme environmental conditions and by means of numerous world wide applications Hirschmann has proven to meet the high quality demands.

The Application Lab – Communication is everywhere
The Hirschmann Application Lab is built upon long-term field experience and exhibits a number of typical industrial applications of different areas, each with individual requirements for the hardware and the network. Since communication is nearly everywhere the application lab takes you on a trip through the most common industrial applications like energy production and distribution, automation and robotics, transportation and even safety relevant applications like emergency systems. There are different network features in all applications which can be demonstrated live to give an impression of the network’s capabilities.

The Application Lab is located in Hirschmann’s headquarter in Neckartenzlingen, Germany and is available for scheduled visits and tours. As a special offer it is possible to have compatibility or acceptance testing done within the labs premises.

This site gives you the opportunity to visit the Application Lab online and explore Hirschmann’s high performance networking devices. Use the chance and browse through the applications with their different requirements and technologies, or access the devices configuration interface via remote access.

Hirschmann Support Team, 2018