Coach Coupling



  • Passenger information and announcement system
  • In train video surveillance
  • Entertainment system for passengers
  • Coach coupling
Coach Coupling

Coach Coupling - Dynamic Configuration Assignment
The setup shows an arrangement of train coaches. Like in reality, the order of the coaches is never sure after they leave the freight depot, so it is important for the system to recognize the correct order of every coach. The event when the coaches align is called coach setup. A server in the head coach recognizes the order of the switches and assigns an individual configuration to each switch.

In the application the coaches are turnable to simulate their changing position. As the coaches setup the server starts detecting the topology and rolls out the configurations. Each coach accepts the configuration assignment and acknowledges its status by glowing green in the front and red in the back.

OCTOPUS 8TP - IP67 device
The OCTOPUS is a typical switch for train applications. Due to its IP67/IP54 approval it is designated for dirty, rapidly alternating temperatures and other critical environmental conditions. The open system with standardized M12 technology is ideal for field use wherever space is extremely precious.